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Wednesday, October 28, 2020 


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  9/3/2020 •
  As we near the nineteenth anniversary of the deadly 9-11 terror attacks upon America in September 2001, the world is still battling the Coronavirus pandemic that broke out early this year in China and then rapidly spread all over the shaking planet. International travel remains at a virtual standstill nine months into the nefarious plague, while people and economies everywhere struggle to cope with the crisis. Where is this all leading to? Will life soon return to “normal” or is more trouble just ahead? What are the prophetic implications of the pandemic and resulting global upheaval? Click the link below to read my latest assessment of the current situation in America and the world, and what may be looming on the stormy horizon.
  5/21/2020 •
  In my last post on this website, I examined the Chinese Communist government’s handling of the Coronavirus outbreak and its rapid worldwide spread (pandemic), and also the significant impact this year’s vicious pandemic is having on the deeply divided United States. I also looked at the political and prophetic implications of the international crisis for the world’s leading economic and military power and its close friends and foes. In this report, I take a look at how the virus has impacted Israel, and what could happen in the coming weeks and months as a result of the still spreading scourge.
  5/8/2020 •
  In my last post, I focused on the substantial, if still mostly circumstantial, evidence that Chinese scientists working for the communist government deliberately created and unleashed the insidious Coronavirus on an unprepared world, or at least knowingly allowed it to spread abroad. Since the United States has one of the largest expat Chinese communities on earth---nearly four million souls--with extensive business ties and flights between the two countries as well, any viral release would most likely substantially impact the USA, which is now obviously the case, however the pandemic began.
  4/29/2020 •
  As I’ve previously shared, beginning in September 2017 I strongly sensed the Holy Spirit showing me that a serious disruption of “normal life” was coming relatively soon to the United States and the rest of the world. Significant human suffering and death would be involved, I perceived, and “life as we know it” would be fundamentally altered, at least for a time. Click to read my full report on China's role in the crisis, and how long the pandemic might last.
  4/7/2020 •
  The novel CO-rona VI-rus D-isease that broke out in late 2019 (shortened to COVID-19) has now spread to almost every country in the world in just a few month’s time. Unlike most diseases, natural disasters, revolutions, wars and the like, this affliction is rapidly and directly affecting people everywhere on earth: from politicians, business and clerical leaders and even royalty, to millions of adults and students suddenly thrown out of work and school. To read more about its possible causes and effects, click the link below.
  3/21/2020 •
  As I wrote earlier on this website, I felt strongly while praying during 2019 for Israel, the USA and their leaders and people that the Holy Spirit was indicating the upcoming year, 2020, would feature widespread social, economic and political chaos and massive upheaval, possibly focused in those two allied countries but also greatly affecting the entire world. As I also shared, I first sensed that some sort of major calamity was coming while praying in September 2017, and that it would probably emanate from Asia. Click below for more on this topic.
  3/17/2020 •
  In America and many other places, the “party” appears to be over, at least for the immediate future, as the highly contagious Covid-19 Corona Virus sweeps across Planet Earth. Of course, no one but our Sovereign Lord knows exactly what lies ahead, but click below for some thoughts about the possible reasons why this crisis is unfolding, and where it might be heading.
  2/7/2020 •
  Click below to read my thoughts about the current world situation and the prospects for the rest of 2020 and beyond, especially the prophetic possibilities. Feel free to copy or post as you wish, and keep looking up!
  1/30/2020 •
  As we enter the second month of 2020, the nations of the world are shaking like they haven’t done since the 1930s and 40s. The winds of a new world war are blowing across the quaking globe in a ferocity not seen since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 (although only a young boy, I started watching Walter Cronkite and his CBS news crew during that high stakes drama--old enough to understand that a nuclear war might be looming, a conflagration that would probably wipe out much of the planet I was just then becoming aware of). American and Russian forces are now either directly clashing periodically, or coming close to the same, in several parts of the world. Vladimir Putin and comrades are preparing to face beefed up Western forces in the Baltic states, the Balkans, and in the roiling Middle East. Meanwhile China--currently struggling to contain the fast-spreading Corona virus from morphing into a global pandemic--is openly making preparations to invade Taiwan, while stretching its territorial claims to the American-allied Philippines and beyond and building up its international maritime bases and fleets. One of the world’s great financial centers, Hong Kong, is increasingly resisting Chinese rule. Several other parts of the tense planet remain on a knife’s edge as well, including the divided Korean Peninsula, where the stout North Korean dictator is still threatening to strike the South, neighboring Japan and American targets. There is also warfare raging in Libya and other parts of Africa (as usual), plus in Yemen, Afghanistan and potentially between nuclear-armed Pakistan and India. However it is at the geographical center of the world--the Middle East--where the threat of all out war and preparations for armed conflict are clearly front and center. Click below to read about that part of the story.
  8/27/2019 •
  IN MY PREVIOUS POST last Spring (I took a long summer break to work on some other projects), I noted that the always simmering Middle East was rapidly moving to full boil, with Iran and its surrogate Shiite Muslim militia forces in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen, along with Tehran’s Sunni Palestinian allies in the Gaza Strip, threatening to attack American forces in the region and their Israeli and Saudi Arabian allies. Some six months later, the malevolent clerical regime’s bombastic threats continue to mushroom. Although no full scale war has yet broken out in the explosive region, increasingly dangerous skirmishes continue to escalate in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian peninsula, and in the three Arab countries located north and east of Israel, while a stream of rocket and terror attacks against the world’s only Jewish state have multiplied from the Hamas-ruled Gaza coastal enclave and in Judea and Samaria. Click below for more details.
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