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• 5/8/2020

In my last post, I focused on the substantial, if still mostly circumstantial, evidence that Chinese scientists working for the communist government deliberately created and unleashed the insidious Coronavirus on an unprepared world, or at least knowingly allowed it to spread abroad. Since the United States has one of the largest expat Chinese communities on earth---nearly four million souls--with extensive business ties and flights between the two countries as well, any viral release would most likely substantially impact the USA, which is now obviously the case, however the pandemic began.

AS ALSO PREVIOUSLY REPORTED, I strongly sensed in prayer from September 2017 onward that the Lord was showing me major world political, financial and military upheaval was coming in the not too distant future. I perceived it would begin with some sort of action emanating from Asia that would send stock and other markets tumbling and totally disrupt daily life in many places. This was at a time when global economies and markets were mostly quite strong, especially in America and Asia. Today, just a few months after the highly contagious virus first appeared in China while the American economy soared, several million people around the world have already been infected with Covid-19, some 300,000 have reportedly lost their lives, and untold millions more have lost their jobs.

.WHILE SOME EPIDEMIOLOGISTS are predicting that the invisible virus will soon settle down and possibly disappear, a majority say it will most likely continue to spread for some time, if not forever like the “common cold” and flu. Furious work continues in several countries on a vaccine against Covid-19, which would hopefully greatly reduce its global impact, if not eradicate it altogether. Whatever happens to the actual virus, it is already evident that the severe international economic and social disruptions that the dreadful disease has sparked are not disappearing anytime soon---whether the disruptions are due to government attempts, exaggerated or not, to curb the spread, and/or because most vulnerable people would reduce their social activities and travel anyway until the health crisis abates.

.AS I NOTED BEFORE, I sensed the Lord showing me that however it came, an “attack from Asia” would lead to a “new world order” (most likely the one described in the book of Revelation) in which the United States would play a significantly smaller role than it has over the past century. In fact in just two short months, Congress has dramatically increased the already staggering national debt to absolutely astronomical, and probably unsustainable, levels. The American currency (being produced and spent like dollars do indeed grow on trees) would begin to lose its international reserve status, I felt, as the superpower’s vast economic and military influence rapidly declined. We need only recall how incredibly fast the Soviet Union went from being the world’s second superpower---wielding vast global influence and military might---to a third-rate power in a very short period of time in the early 1990’s.

.I SENSED MY BELOVED HOMELAND would basically implode amid internal upheaval and external attack, whether cyber or military, and I have grieved for that. How long it would take for this to unfold was not clear to me, but I felt the Holy Spirit was showing me that once an implosion began it would move rather quickly. Of course, the evidence was already substantial in 2017 that America’s major enemies---Russia, North Korea, Iran and probably China---were boldly preparing for, if not already engaging in, aggression against Washington. Close allies like Israel and the UK were feeling the heat as well. So it didn’t take a rocket scientist, or a prophet, to predict that Rocket Man and/or some of his allies would attack America at some point in the future. However it might unfold, I sensed that a sharp decline was on the horizon for the powerful United States, and that it would be a terrible time for the country and its allies. I think all would agree that the Covid crisis has so far hardly been a picnic (actually outlawed in many places!) as people everywhere on earth can affirm.

.THE GOOD NEWS is that reports are already emerging of many people around the USA and the world searching like never before for spiritual answers in these dark days. The Billy Graham ministry and others report a significant rise in the number of people dedicating their lives to the Lord, along with many others enquiring about eternal salvation. As schools and businesses shut down and millions stayed home all over the planet, people had more time to ponder their lives and normal routines, along with their spiritual beliefs. All things work together for good to those who know and love the Lord, and these difficult times have prompted many to seek Him. So that is a very nice silver lining encircling the dark Covid cloud. .....MANY BIBLE SCHOLARS contend the United States is not included in the manifold biblical prophecies concerning the “End of Days” (“takrit ha yamim” in Hebrew). Some say Isaiah chapter 18 could be an allusion to the USA, speaking of a powerful unnamed nation somewhere west of Israel whose land the rivers divide. The Missouri River begins in northwest Montana not far from the Canadian border, and then flows southeast into the mighty Mississippi, which of course ends on the Gulf of Mexico--literally dividing the large country in two. The short Isaiah 18 prophecy says the unnamed prosperous country would be suddenly and severely pruned back one future summer before harvest, and would subsequently bring a gift of homage to the Lord on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. So despite the fact that the Lord will severely chastise the unnamed great nation, He will apparently not destroy it.

.WHETHER OR NOT THE USA is the subject here, it is clear to me and other students of Bible prophecy that the focus of endtime events is Israel and the Middle East, with Asia, Africa, Russia and Europe also in view. Despite its many flaws and a few questionable wars, the United States has generally acted as a beneficent force of both help and restraint around the world since the early 1900s. If and when that largely positive influence is vastly reduced or taken away---which seemingly must be the case before the Man of Sin rules the earth just prior to the Lord’s return---it will be a different world indeed.

.SPEAKING OF THE END OF DAYS, I outlined a possible scenario for how they might unfold in my prophetic novel bearing that title. First published in 1995, it begins with a major military assault upon Israel launched by Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah militia forces, which rapidly escalates into an armed clash with Syria, as suggested in Isaiah 17. In my novel, the initial missile attack takes place in May. Will such a war break out this month, or possibly later this year? I hope to post more about that prospect in the coming days. Meanwhile let’s keep our eyes on the Risen Lord as our prayers rise up to the Eternal Throne!

DAVID DOLAN is an author and journalist who lived and worked in Israel for over three decades, beginning in 1980.

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