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• 9/3/2020

I’VE NOTED BEFORE on this website that I was privileged to speak to a large group of American Messianic leaders at a conference held in Orlando in January 2005. Among those in my audience was Jonathan Cahn, who was well known at that time mainly within the Messianic community and those like myself who closely associated with it. Of course today, Jonathan is a best-selling author and widely known speaker whose latest book “Harbinger II: The Return” is garnering lots of attention both in the USA and abroad.

.AT THE FLORIDA CONFERENCE, I predicted that Jonathan (who I first met at an earlier gathering before subsequently speaking many times at his congregation in New Jersey), would become a major prophetic voice in the country and world in the approaching “last days.” In his new book, he is now warning of imminent divine judgment upon America if real repentance does not take place soon.

.JONATHAN INTRODUCED his latest book during a detailed interview on CBN’s 700 Club earlier this week. He said he feels that “we are on the cusp of something very gigantic.” He then went on to reveal that he had been sensing an increasing heaviness as the year 2020 approached, which I also experienced and wrote about as well in previous posts on this site. The most interesting part of the CBN interview for me was when Jonathan noted it was exactly 19 years between the time when the great Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar first attacked Jerusalem in the year 605 BC before pulling back, only to return to finish his conquest 19 years later in 586. He pointed out that it will soon be exactly 19 years since America’s World Trade towers were attacked and destroyed by Mideast Muslim terrorists on 9-11-2001, igniting several prolonged wars and, ten years later, the “Arab Spring” regional upheaval.

.AS IS THE CASE with many people, and not only those with prophetic interests, the sense that the world’s preeminent superpower is seemingly falling apart is widely shared around the country and the world. International news reports in recent months have quoted world leaders and commentators as questioning America’s ability to “stay on top of the game” in this fast changing world, or even to stay IN the game at all. Some are darkly predicting another full blown “civil war” between so-called blue and red states, or at least between armed vigilantes from both sides. As violence exploded all over the tense nation during this summer’s viral pandemic surge, US government deficit spending soared to astronomical heights, increasing calling the economic viability of the USA and its mighty dollar into serious question. On the sidelines, China and Russia and other opponents of America and its close allies are becoming increasingly bold in their blatant aggression against Washington and its allies. Throw in a still-spreading global plague on top of everything else and it frankly looks like a perfect recipe for further disintegration, if not World War Three.

.SOON AFTER 2020’s Covid pandemic began, I wrote that the Lord had been showing me for several years that America and other countries that legalized abortion over the past half century would suffer a significant loss of life in the coming years--sparked off by some sort of attack or action from Asia. The pleading blood of the millions of slain innocents would demand this, I felt, as do many others. During his 700 Club interview, Jonathan pointed out that Covid-infected travelers to Washington state and California from China first arrived in America the second half of January--the same time period when abortion was legalized by the US Supreme Court 47 years ago on January 22, 1973. As I noted before, it is interesting that unlike previous viral diseases, the current plague seems to have little negative effect on most children, while it is especially deadly to the elderly who were generally young adults when abortion was legalized in America and other parts of the planet.

.JONATHAN CAHN said he felt that if he had released his new book before this year, many would have scoffed at its contentions and conclusions. Today, that is not so much the case. I feel the same way...if I had written these words about severe economic, political and social upheaval on the horizon at the onset of 2020 (I felt then it was imminent), many would have dismissed my scenarios. Some still will, just as some deny that a real pandemic is actually upon us (however it began and whoever might be behind it).

.IN THE CURRENT hyper-political climate, even talking about judgment upon America seems to be “taking sides” in the sharp political divide engulfing the troubled nation. Despite this, I do agree with my Jewish brother that we are on the verge of major divine judgment upon America---which I suspect will at best leave the current reigning superpower a second rate power (as happened with the early 1990’s collapse of the powerful Soviet Union), and at worst wipe it off the face of the earth. I also agree that which direction America, and really the entire world, heads from today is entirely up to us---and by “us” I mean the people of God. To whom much is given (as was certainly the case with ancient Israel and the USA), much is required.

.AS HIS TV INTERVIEW came to an end, Jonathan Cahn quoted 2 Chronicles 7:13, where God acknowledges that He sometimes sends droughts, locusts and plagues (“epidemics” in the Good News Bible version) as forms of correction and judgment upon His people. But then the Sovereign Lord pledges (verse 14) that “If My people, who are called by my Name, will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” I tend to agree with Jonathan that it is probably too late to see a real sea change healing in America, but any amount of repentance, revival and restoration is better than none at all! In these difficult days, let’s continue to cry out to the solid Rock of Israel, whose mercies are new every morning! ................PS MY DAILY Bible reading this morning included this verse from Romans 13:12 "The night is almost gone, and the day is near. Therefore let us lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light."

DAVID DOLAN is an author and journalist who lived and worked in Israel for over three decades, beginning in 1980.

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