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• 8/3/2022

Five years ago this month, I began to receive warnings–I felt from the Lord’s Holy Spirit–of significant international trouble looming up ahead. These warnings, which I’ve written about before, came mainly while praying, but also in one vision and several dreams. I felt prompted to begin physical and spiritual preparations for some sort of devastating “attack” emanating in Asia. At the time, North Korea’s Communst dictator was spewing all sorts of threats against America, including nuclear destruction. As I’ve mentioned before, I then began to purchase a few extra non perishable items at the grocery store every time I shopped, including toilet paper! As I’ve also noted before, I believe the “assault” began in early 2020 with the Covid pandemic, breaking out not in North Korea but next door in far more powerful Communist China. Nearly two and a half years later, after much economic and social upheaval and millions of deaths, we are facing the very real, if chilling, prospect of a full on war between the United States and China, with Beijing backed by Russia, North Korea, Iran and other rogue states like Cuba and Venezuela. Any significant military conflict over Taiwan, which could literally begin at any moment, would probably be used by Vladimir Putin as cover for massively expanding his aggressive military capture of additional sovereign territory in neighboring Ukraine, including the possible use of “field” nuclear weapons as he hinted at doing earlier this year. After all, the Russian strongman has already declared his intention to recreate the great Russian empire, which at the very least means the capture of the three small Baltic states–all NATO allies–if not Poland and other European countries once under Soviet domination. As we all know, if Putin attacks ANY NATO COUNTRY, Western powers would automatically move from their current position of taking part in a partially veiled proxy pushback against Russian aggression, to being fully and openly at war with Putin and his comrades. China has made abundantly clear that it will continue to support the Kremlin in whatever further aggression Putin launches. TWO FRONT CONFLICT As Tom Friedman of the NY Times (who I first met when he was the Times bureau chief in Jerusalem during the late 1980s) wrote this week, if an armed conflict breaks out between the US and China, Washington would basically enter a “two front” war, as was the case during World War Two. Although a Democrat, he went on to heavily criticize Nancy Polosi for making “an arbitrary and frivolous” grandstand visit to Taiwan at this explosive time when full war is possibly pending with Russia, even if it rightly demonstrated American support for Taipei. Friedman pointed out that the differences this time from WWII would be staggering. Then Washington and its allies were mainly fighting the Japanese on the Asian front, and Germany, Italy and their supporters in the European-North African theater. Japan is significantly smaller than the USA, which spans an entire continent “from sea to shining sea.” Germany and Japan are roughly the same size in landmass, meaning both are much smaller than the United States. Their populations at the start of the war were almost half that of America’s. As the Times columnist pointed out, today’s brewing East-West conflagration involves the world’s most populous nation, China–well over four times larger than America–and Russia, which has the world’s largest landmass, nearly two times the size of the USA. China is “merely” nearly twice the size of America. So if you were India or any other “non-aligned” country, would you really side with the West in a new East-West showdown? Of course, another major difference between the last international bust up and today is that the weapons systems possessed by the world’s three most heavily armed nations are vastly more deadly and destructive than existed during the Second World War. Military experts say the use of nuclear weapons is quite likely in any new battle for international supremacy, possibly at the start of such a horrendous conflict. I’m not saying that a ferocious new world war is at our doorstep, but it definitely looks increasingly likely every day. The three day live fire “military drill” that China is conducting just off of Taiwan’s territorial coastal waters, meaning just ten miles from the coast–as its warplanes once again violate Taiwanese airspace–could easily turn into a full-scale invasion of the small island nation with under 24 million residents. Meanwhile Israel anxiously watches as Putin cozies up to the Shiite rulers of increasingly assertive Iran while cracking down on the Jewish Agency in his vast country, which is trying to help thousands of Jews emigrate to Israel from Russia. I strongly suspect that most Americans and many Europeans, and probably most everyone else on planet earth, have little clue how close we might be to World War Three and the biblically prophesied end of this age. Of course, the silver lining for true believers in Yeshua the Messiah and the God of Israel is that the scriptures foretell the Sovereign Lord will return to rule over a reborn earth at the climax of the final battle of Armageddon! May the Rock of Israel shower His abundant mercy upon our leaders and military forces and upon us all as we face increasingly difficult times ahead!

DAVID DOLAN is an author and journalist who lived and worked in Israel for over three decades, beginning in 1980.

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