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• 11/20/2020

AS WE NEAR THE END of this volcanic year featuring a global pandemic originating in Communist China, subsequent worldwide economic shipwreck, enhanced violence, crime, political instability and strife, many of us are just glad to still be alive! As I wrote on this site early this year, I sensed the Lord warning me during the summer of 2017 to prepare for some sort of action emanating from Asia that would severely disrupt daily life in the United States and elsewhere. At that time, I began to buy extra durable items at the grocery store and pharmacy every time I shopped, including canned goods and (presciently!) toilet paper.

.I ASSUMED THAT THE DISRUPTING ACTION would be of a military nature, possibly an electronic magnetic pulse attack (still likely) on America’s largely unhardened power grids. I thought the brutal North Korean Communist regime would probably be the offender, as I wrote, possibly supported or even ordered by China. Working as a radio reporter for CBS in Israel during Saddam Hussein’s threatened chemical scud attacks upon the small Jewish state in 1991, I realized a biological weapons attack was also a real possibility. Over two years later, it turned out it was a new viral plague originating in China, which was at the very least allowed to move swiftly to other parts of the globe, if not designed to do so.

.ONE YEAR AFTER THE FIRST COVID CASES were recorded in Wu Han, many countries are intensely battling a second or third wave of the deadly virus (depending on where you live), with millions of people seriously ill or dead and millions more expected to be infected before the hoped for vaccines are widely available sometime next year. While we know older people are most susceptible to suffering the worst effects of the disease, young adults and children have also been greatly impacted by school closures, social curbs, family deaths, and many other things--not the least the fear of unknowingly spreading the disease to their elders. In other words, people of every age, race and nationality have been greatly shaken by the pandemic, although interestingly enough, its Chinese home turf has fared relatively well.

.FURTHER RAISING SUSPICIONS THAT THE WU HAN VIRUS was deliberately allowed to spread to the world, and especially to the USA and Europe where air traffic is heaviest from China, the international spread began during the annual Chinese New Year celebrations, when air travel is always at its peak. On top of that, it was just the beginning of an always heated quadrennial American presidential election year, meaning it would probably disrupt the national vote and add to disputes over its ultimate outcome. Indeed, the controversial rush to massive mail in and early voting due to the pandemic is at the center of the current bitter dispute over the contested presidential election outcome.

.AS I EARLIER WROTE, I sensed the Lord warning me that the “attack” would hit America especially hard, if not be aimed specifically at the economic and military superpower. That has been the case, with America suffering a disproportionate number of deaths and infections compared to most other regions and countries, despite its great wealth and power. This was almost predictable, given the vastness of the 50 United States and the propensity of its people to resist government edicts and the like. While political and societal tensions were heightened in many nations, nowhere else has seen the level of violence soar as high as it has in America.

.AS THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION DISPUTE drags on and crucial Senate control remains unclear amid soaring Covid cases, the weeks and months ahead in the deeply divided USA are bound to be rocky at best. The two month “transitional period” could be especially dangerous if one or more of America’s detractors launch military or terrorist attacks. Street brawls between supporters of President Trump and Joe Biden, such as occurred in Washington DC in mid-November, are likely. If the elderly Biden (78 today) is anointed Commander in Chief and later replaced by the much younger Kamala Harris--for whatever reason--the country could well explode. While Biden is not known as a socialist, the California Senator is clearly seen as a leader of that extremist wing in her Democratic party.

AS I EARLIER WROTE, I SENSED THE LORD showing me in August 2017 that He would allow the coming international upheaval to take place as a form of judgment for actions taken by many nations over the past half century, including legalizing almost unfettered abortion, same-sex unions, drug use, and other things (pot shops have mostly stayed open as “essential businesses” in many parts of America, while apparently non-essential churches and synagogues were ordered shut!!). As I’ve also noted, it is older people who were already alive and able to protest such actions that are most severely affected by the Covid spread, not the very young.

GIVEN WHAT I FELT the Holy Spirit began showing me back then, I do not expect the world, and especially the West, to quickly return to its pre-pandemic free wheeling ways anytime soon, if at all. The carefree party is over, even if some have not yet gotten that message. For one thing, this year’s steep international economic decline is hardly history at this time. Even if the virus miraculously disappeared overnight, the enormous emergency deficit spending occurring in many countries will have a lasting detrimental effect for many years to come. If one or more major countries default on mushrooming debt, a new economic depression will grip the world. Apart from that, growing military powers like China, Russia, North Korea, Turkey and Iran will be sorely tempted to take advantage of the chaos to attack their adversaries. I anticipate many conflicts will break out in this new decade, the most dangerous being a probable Chinese invasion of Taiwan, a war between Iran and Israel and its Arab allies, and more fighting between nuclear armed India and Pakistan. Seeing how disruptive the virus has been in the United States, China or others may well try to unleash further plagues upon the earth even if this one was not deliberately released.

AS ALSO NOTED BEFORE, I sense in prayer that the outcome of the ongoing world crisis will be nothing less than the establishment of the final worldwide oppressive government prophesied in many parts of the Bible. Global conditions for such an “antichrist” government are clearly ripe, including rapid international communication and travel networks and economic integration. The good news is that the Bible reveals the deceiving ‘Man of Sin’ rules for a relatively short period of time (42 months)---and that JUST BEFORE the Eternal Lord of Life returns to planet earth! The Great Shepard is literally waiting in the wings to establish His worldwide benevolent rule, which will never come to an end! That is the (not fake) news we can and must cling to in these dark and delirious days. Maranatha!

DAVID DOLAN is an author and journalist who lived and worked in Israel for over three decades, beginning in 1980.

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