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  May 2003 Israel News Update
  5/26/2003 • Jerusalem
  The May, 2003 news update and review details the American-backed Road Map peace plan, and examines its prospects for ultimate success or failure.
  April 2003 Israel News News Review
  4/28/2003 • Jerusalem
  The April, 2003 news and analysis report focuses on the short but dramatic American-led war that toppled Saddam Hussein from power in nearby Iraq, and the potential conseuqences of his overthrow for Israel and the Middle East.
  March 2003 Israel News Review
  3/24/2003 • Jerusalem
  This month's news review and analysis report was written soon after the coaltion attack was launched against Saddam's regime in Iraq. It focuses on the impact of the war upon Israel and the region.
  February 2003 Israel News Review
  2/24/2003 • Jerusalem
  The February Israel news review looks at the new government that Ariel Sharon is putting together after his late January landslide victory--in the shadow of a looming war in nearby Iraq.
  January 2003 Israel News Review
  1/30/2003 • Jerusalem
  This month's news analysis and review report looks at the Likud party landslide victory in Israel's national elections, and its implications for the country and the region.
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