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  3/21/2020 •
  As I wrote earlier on this website, I felt strongly while praying during 2019 for Israel, the USA and their leaders and people that the Holy Spirit was indicating the upcoming year, 2020, would feature widespread social, economic and political chaos and massive upheaval, possibly focused in those two allied countries but also greatly affecting the entire world. As I also shared, I first sensed that some sort of major calamity was coming while praying in September 2017, and that it would probably emanate from Asia. Click below for more on this topic.
  3/17/2020 •
  In America and many other places, the “party” appears to be over, at least for the immediate future, as the highly contagious Covid-19 Corona Virus sweeps across Planet Earth. Of course, no one but our Sovereign Lord knows exactly what lies ahead, but click below for some thoughts about the possible reasons why this crisis is unfolding, and where it might be heading.
  2/7/2020 •
  Click below to read my thoughts about the current world situation and the prospects for the rest of 2020 and beyond, especially the prophetic possibilities. Feel free to copy or post as you wish, and keep looking up!
  1/30/2020 •
  As we enter the second month of 2020, the nations of the world are shaking like they haven’t done since the 1930s and 40s. The winds of a new world war are blowing across the quaking globe in a ferocity not seen since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 (although only a young boy, I started watching Walter Cronkite and his CBS news crew during that high stakes drama--old enough to understand that a nuclear war might be looming, a conflagration that would probably wipe out much of the planet I was just then becoming aware of). American and Russian forces are now either directly clashing periodically, or coming close to the same, in several parts of the world. Vladimir Putin and comrades are preparing to face beefed up Western forces in the Baltic states, the Balkans, and in the roiling Middle East. Meanwhile China--currently struggling to contain the fast-spreading Corona virus from morphing into a global pandemic--is openly making preparations to invade Taiwan, while stretching its territorial claims to the American-allied Philippines and beyond and building up its international maritime bases and fleets. One of the world’s great financial centers, Hong Kong, is increasingly resisting Chinese rule. Several other parts of the tense planet remain on a knife’s edge as well, including the divided Korean Peninsula, where the stout North Korean dictator is still threatening to strike the South, neighboring Japan and American targets. There is also warfare raging in Libya and other parts of Africa (as usual), plus in Yemen, Afghanistan and potentially between nuclear-armed Pakistan and India. However it is at the geographical center of the world--the Middle East--where the threat of all out war and preparations for armed conflict are clearly front and center. Click below to read about that part of the story.
  8/27/2019 •
  IN MY PREVIOUS POST last Spring (I took a long summer break to work on some other projects), I noted that the always simmering Middle East was rapidly moving to full boil, with Iran and its surrogate Shiite Muslim militia forces in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen, along with Tehran’s Sunni Palestinian allies in the Gaza Strip, threatening to attack American forces in the region and their Israeli and Saudi Arabian allies. Some six months later, the malevolent clerical regime’s bombastic threats continue to mushroom. Although no full scale war has yet broken out in the explosive region, increasingly dangerous skirmishes continue to escalate in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian peninsula, and in the three Arab countries located north and east of Israel, while a stream of rocket and terror attacks against the world’s only Jewish state have multiplied from the Hamas-ruled Gaza coastal enclave and in Judea and Samaria. Click below for more details.
  3/25/2019 •
  WHAT COULD POSSIBLY turn into a new world war has begun in the explosive Middle East, with Palestinian and Israeli forces exchanging heavy fire and Hezbollah seemingly getting ready to open up a second warfront in the north. Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the US, France, Russia and others might become fully engaged as well. President Trump strongly hinted at American involvement during his White House visit today with Israeli PM Netanyahu, there to see history being made as the US formally recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. . . . . . AS I'VE STATED before, I suspect this conflict will involve nuclear weapons for the first time since the last World War ended in 1945. At the very least, Israel may end up wiping out Damascus with such a weapon, as alluded to in Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49. . . . . .I AM HEARING from some friends that they expect Ezekiel 39 and 39, and/or the war described in Psalm 83 to be fulfilled in the growing conflict, and the rapture of the church to precede that...possibly any day now. I think that Isaiah 17 will probably be fulfilled in the coming weeks or months, followed (but probably not immediately) by Psalm 83, and only later on---after the Man of Sin reigns for 42 months--will Ezekiel’s prophecy unfold. As I’ve noted, the oracle makes clear that ALL remaining Jews will move to Israel from all over the world at the end of that invasion, and ALL will turn to the Lord, which seems incongruent with the Antichrist’s worldwide reign in between. Click the blue tab for more thoughts on the growing conflict and how it might end.
  3/9/2019 •
  I’M KEEPING MY EYES on several significant signals of seemingly imminent war in the turbulent Middle East. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at a naval graduation ceremony in Haifa mid week, revealing that the Israeli navy is preparing to take military action against Iranian naval vessels that are helping the outlaw state get around US economic sanctions. He said the Iranian regime cannot be allowed to ship oil to other nations to weaken the crippling sanctions. Although he didn’t plainly say so, he certainly implied that Israel would play a role in the pending military action, but presumably the United States would lead the charge, possibly joined by France and/or the UK. American forces in nearby Iraq are gearing up to fight pro-Iranian Shiite militiamen in the coming days, say Israeli media outlets reporting today. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NETANYAHU'S UNEXPECTED comments came as the advanced American THAAD anti-missile system was deployed from the United States to Israel’s Negev desert. Its radar systems can detect any missile launch in the region within seconds, as can some of Israel’s existing domestic defense systems. The eight THAAD launchers are adding significant muscle to Israel’s missile defense capability at a critical time in regional and world history. . . . . . . . . .. . .MEANWHILE A SENIOR SYRIAN official has stated for the first time since the early 1970’s that his country is preparing to go to war against Israel if all Jewish residents of the Golan Heights are not quickly evacuated from the strategic plateau. Since that is not going to happen, the devastating conflict foretold in Isaiah 17 appears to be on the horizon, of course probably as part of an Iranian-led war to wipe the Jewish State off the Middle East map. The chilling war threat was issued by Syria’s deputy Foreign Minister in a formal note to the female European general who heads up the UN’s Truce Supervision Force in the region. This came as Syrian dictator Bashar Assad was apparently “escorted” to Tehran to kiss Ayatollah Khomeini's ring, cementing that Syria has joined neighboring Lebanon as a virtual vassal state run by Iran. In the south, Hamas has stepped up its war moves in recent days, with armed gun attacks now being aimed at nearby Israeli soldiers. More rockets were fired at Israeli civilian centers overnight. Full war on that southern front looks imminent as well. . . . . . . . .POSSIBLY THE MOST sobering news this week came from a report that warned Iran may now be capable of targeting America’s electrical grids with an EMP explosion, possibly in coordination with North Korea. All this as Pakistan and India stare each other down. As the Lord showed me several months ago, 2019 will be a year of war in many, if not most, parts of the world.
  2/27/2019 •
  I AM CURRENTLY WATCHING the combative Congressional hearings featuring Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney who is heading to jail after being convicted of earlier lying to Congress in matters related to Trump. The Oversight Committee’s majority Democratic party members are hammering Trump through Cohen, while the Republicans are mainly defending him. The main issue is the President’s moral character, along with Cohen’s. ..........IS THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT anointed by God as a sort of “savior” for Israel and America---a sort of modern Cyrus--as many maintain? Or is he in fact quite evil, and possibly even the Antichrist, or his precursor, as others are saying? Yesterday, the CBN network that I worked with in Jerusalem in the late 1980’s reported on a YouTube video that has been viewed over a million times. It features an Australian pastor based in Melbourne (where I’ve spoken several times). He noted that Trump was born during a “blood moon” on Friday June 14, 1946. He believes this is one of several signs (including the previous two tetrads as Trump was getting ready to run for office) that the President is specially anointed by God, including last month’s January 20 blood moon eclipse that took place exactly two years into Trump’s current four year term in office. ..........ON THE OTHER HAND, there are several Christian websites that draw the opposite conclusion---that the six blood moons seemingly connected to President Trump are divine warnings that he is the epitome of evil. Some go so far as to picture him as either the Antichrist, or at least AN antichrist, or possibly the forerunner of the same. Is Donald Trump a chronic liar, as most Democrats avere, or one of the greatest American presidents ever, as Trump himself has stated several times? Click the blue tab below for my own reflections on these important and timely questions.
  2/21/2019 • Jerusalem
  MORE VIOLENCE is expected on Friday in Jerusalem after Palestinian rioters tore down a newly installed metal gate near the stone Eastern Gate of the Temple Mount. On Tuesday, Sheikh Abdul Salhab---who heads the Palestinian “waqf” which governs Muslim sites on the ancient “Holy Hill”---said he intends to renovate the site and open it up to exclusive Muslim prayer, which Israeli officials say is a flagrant violation of the “status quo” on the Mount. Palestinian Authority officials also warned this week of escalating violence in Jerusalem’s Old City and elsewhere in the run-up to the release later this year of President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” peace plan, which the PA has already rejected. . . . .MEANWHILE VIOLENCE has increased substantially in recent days in and around the Gaza Strip. Several IDF soldiers, including a volunteer from Los Angeles, were wounded during hostile attacks near the border fence. On Sunday night, an explosive device was hurled over the fence at a nearby army patrol, seriously injuring one soldier who was rushed to hospital by helicopter. IDF forces shelled two Hamas outposts in the northern part of the coastal zone in response to the assault. More clashes are expected on Friday. . . . .IRANIAN LEADERS kept up their threats against Israel as well this week. Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif told a German newspaper today that “Israeli adventurism” may lead to full war in the region. He denounced IDF actions in Syria, despite the fact that Israel has only been responding to Iran’s ongoing, massive weapons and troop imports into the country and into next door Lebanon. . . . . SPEAKING OF SYRIA, two longtime friends and Jerusalem media colleagues, CBN Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell and cameraman Jan Karnis (who I first worked with in the early 80’s in South Lebanon) traveled via Iraq into northeastern Syria late last month to report on how area Christians and Kurds are coping with the pending American military withdrawal from the war-torn Arab country. If you missed those reports on the Jerusalem Dateline program (Feb 2), check out the CBN website to view them. Israeli leaders are preparing as best they can for the unwelcome US troop pullout, while hoping that at least a skeleton American crew will remain in the Al Tanf Marine base, strategically located close to where the borders of Iraq, Jordan and Syria converge. . . . . I WAS BLESSED to be living in Jerusalem when the International Christian Embassy was still in its infancy in the early 1980’s. David Parsons, ICEJ spokesman and Vice President and also a longtime friend, publicly toasted me a few years ago as “the senior Christian correspondent in Israel” which I appreciated even if it made me feel a bit old! His book, FLOODGATES, released last year, is a must read! Click the blue tab for a short review of his fine, eye opening, book.
  2/12/2019 • Jerusalem
  There were two reported Israeli military actions against Iranian and Hezbollah forces in Syria late Monday. The Syrian state-run SANA news agency said “the Israeli enemy” attacked four targets south of Damascus where both Iran and Hezbollah are known to operate, using pilotless drone aircraft. Closer to the Israeli border, IDF tanks reportedly fired shells at an abandoned hospital (now occupied by Hezbollah fighters) and a Syrian army outpost near the Golan Heights. The strategic area was captured by Syrian soldiers late last year from anti-Assad Sunni Muslim forces supported by the US and coalition allies. The use of the term “Israeli enemy” by SANA is yet another sign that a fuller conflict is coming between Syria and Israel, possibly the one foretold in Isaiah 17. . . . . . . .THE LATEST IDF ACTION came as the Iranian Shiite clerical regime celebrated 40 years in power on Monday. Rallies and parades featured the strongest anti-American and anti-Israel statements and threats issued in several years, including vows to “flatten Tel Aviv and Haifa” in a future full-scale war. Israeli PM Netanyahu quickly countered that he was “not impressed” by Iran’s recent stream of annihilationist threats, adding if Iranian and Hezbollah missiles are fired at Israel’s coastal cities it would be “the last time they celebrate their Islamic Revolution.” .........THIS FOLLOWED IRAN”S “OFFER” over the weekend to arm Lebanon with its Russian-built anti-aircraft missile systems. Showing how much the Shiite regime values its Hezbollah surrogate force, Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif skipped the huge rally in Tehran and showed up in Beirut, which was also visited by senior Russian officials last week. Clearly seeking to replace the US and France as the main backers of Lebanon’s military forces, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, who met with Netanyahu only last week, stated Monday that “Hezbollah is not a terrorist group” but instead “a force for good” in the region. Right. As the American Eagle turns its face from the area, the Russian bear pounces! Stay tuned for more dramatic news ahead!
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