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  1/29/2019 • Jerusalem
  More verbal threats have been issued against Israel by several senior Iranian officials. The most ominous came from the head of Iran’s National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, who confirmed for the first time various media reports that the rogue regime is helping the radical Palestinian Hamas militia to produce “precision-guided missiles” that can strike most parts of the diminutive Jewish state from the Gaza Strip. The close adviser to Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei also confirmed PM Netanyahu’s revelation late last year that Iran is helping the Lebanese Hezbollah militia to produce such missiles as well. The Israeli Premier said the GPS upgrades are taking place at several locations near Beirut airport and other parts of the Lebanese capital city, adding that the IDF would attack and destroy the positions if Iran continued its nefarious upgrades. Saying Iran’s Shiite Muslim armed forces and allies would quickly reply to “any foolish action” on Israel’s part "with hellfire," Shamkhani boasted that the regime “has no scientific or operational restrictions for increasing the range of its military missiles.” He added that “we are continually working on increasing the precision” of such missiles. ...............THE CHILLING COMMENTS came soon after France threatened to impose new economic sanctions against Iran if it does not quickly curb its ballistic missile production program. Similar statements were earlier issued by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. On Monday, Israeli President Rivlin warned that Israel was facing “escalation and complexity” in its growing struggle against the demented Mideast Muslim country, which is now clearly on the warpath against Israel and its allies. I will comment more on this and other important topics, including the prospect that Nancy Pelosi might become the first female US president before the next national election in 2020, tomorrow.
  1/27/2019 • Jerusalem
  Iran and its regional allies kept up their verbal threats to launch all out war in the trembling Middle East today. Iran’s Armed Forces Chief, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, said his forces will “switch” from their supposed “defensive posture” in the region, and will instead go on the offense, if Iran perceives it is about to be attacked by Israeli and allied forces. “We will attack first if we feel or see evidence that Iran may be under attack.” Of course, the truth is that Iran has been on the offensive warpath for several years. Israeli military analysts say the latest Iranian war threat shows that Iran’s radical Shiite Muslim leaders are issuing a pre-excuse to unleash their Syrian and Iranian-based missile and rocket forces at virtually any time, along with thousands of rockets and missiles aimed at Israel by allied Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas militia forces. ......In Beirut, Hezbollah clerical leader Hassan Nasrallah proved that he is still alive and kicking (rumors had it he was quite ill) by delivering a bellicose three hour interview Saturday evening in which he echoed Iran’s threat of possible imminent war. He warned Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu that if he “keeps attacking Syria,” his heavily armed militia forces would join Tehran and Damascus in unleashing missiles against the small Jewish State. He went on to boast that his men are “prepared to punish Israel” by “invading northern Israel” and capturing parts of the Upper Galilee region, which he maintained would be "easy to do." He added this was all part of Hezbollah’s supposed “defensive strategy” to defend Lebanon. At today’s weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu responded by noting that Nasrallah is desperate to act due to sharp cuts in funding from Iran as a result of America’s renewed sanctions against the radical Shiite regime. To listen to my latest radio report on the apparent march to war, go to: ..................I will be commenting more on the tense Middle East situation this week on this web site.
  1/25/2019 • Jerusalem
  Tensions remain extremely high in and around Israel today after a week of missile and verbal exchanges between Israeli and Iranian military forces and civilian and military leaders. Adding to the growing crisis in the north, radical Palestinian Hamas leaders said today they are preparing to “immediately repel Israeli aggression” by launching a new round of rocket attacks against Israeli civilian centers. The ominous threat, published in a pro-Iranian Lebanese newspaper, claimed the new attacks would be “even greater” than the massive barrage last November, when nearly 400 rockets were fired at Israeli cities and towns, destroying homes in Beersheva and leaving two dead and scores wounded. This came after PM Netanyahu blocked a Qatari payment of $15 million in “humanitarian aid” to the Gaza Strip after Hamas forces attacked Israeli soldiers near the border fence on Tuesday. Israeli security sources say the latest threat was probably issued under the orders of Iran, and could signal that a coordinated full-scale attack from both the north and the south may be imminent…. Meanwhile Iran has begun a two day “war exercise” in central Iran involving 12,000 "elite" front-line mobile forces, while admitting that it has purchased spare parts to quickly restart its banned nuclear weapons program. Late yesterday, a 3.6 earthquake stuck the northern Israeli city of Nazareth, felt all over the north of the country and as far south as Jerusalem. Is the Lion of Judah preparing to roar? In Mexico, the largest internet provider was hacked on Wednesday afternoon, leading to a one day shutdown that seriously affected all parts of the economy. I will report more on the regional rush to war on the Prophecy Today Weekend radio and internet program on Saturday. Click the blue tab below to read more about the escalating Middle East crisis.
  1/24/2019 • Jerusalem
  The march to full Mideast war took several steps forward today as Israel deployed it's Iron Dome missile system around Tel Aviv, meant to protect the city and nearby Ben Gurion airport, which the Syrians threatened to bomb yesterday. Israeli reserve military forces are also being called up as war with Iran and Syria apparently nears. Please click the blue tab below for my report.
  1/23/2019 • Jerusalem
  My web site has been down since Sunday, just as the chances of a full-scale war between Israel and Syria, probably including other powers as well, increased sharply this week. I don't think that was a coincidence, by the way. The fulfillment of the ancient biblical prophecy found in Isaiah 17--which I and others have been speaking and writing about for some years--appears very much now to be imminent. As many of you know, the prophecy foretells a momentous war between Israel and Syria--ending with the total destruction of Syria's capital city, Damascus, and also great harm upon Israel. PLEASE CLICK the blue tab below for more of my report, and the Good Lord help us all!
  1/18/2019 • Jerusalem
  The prospects that controversial American President Donald Trump may face impeachment proceedings in the US Congress--now controlled by the opposition Democratic political party--seemed to dramatically increase today with allegations surfacing that he ordered his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to lie to a Congressional committee about his plans to build a new Trump Hotel tower in Moscow earlier this decade. The reports--later denied by the White House--added to growing concerns about the American Commander in Chief in Israel. On top of President Trump’s chilling announcement before Christmas that he was rapidly pulling all US military forces out of Syria due to the supposed neutralization of radical Islamic State terrorists in the shattered Arab country...a contention obviously called into serious question by this week’s ISIS suicide attack that left four Americans dead and many others wounded in northern Syria...Israeli news reports now say that Trump’s long anticipated “peace plan” would leave a new Palestinian state in control of some 90% of Israel’s biblical heartland, Judea and Samaria, including Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Israel’s ancient and modern capital city. As I will point out during my weekly radio interview on the Prophecy Today Weekend radio program, broadcast on Saturday, the Netanyahu government will NEVER accept the re-division of Jerusalem, as the PM and others before him have made abundantly clear. Of course, neither will the Palestinian Authority accept a state that leaves ANY Jews living in any portion of the misnamed “West Bank" (a racist position if ever there was one), as their leaders have also made clear for many decades.......THE GROWING CHANCES THAT TRUMP will face impeachment proceedings brings additional chills to Israel’s political and military leaders, who fully recall that the last time the enemies of the small Jewish state felt emboldened enough to launch a full-scale military attack, under the Kremlin’s endorsement if not sponsorship, was smack dab in the middle of the Watergate crisis which took down a previous Republican President, Richard Nixon, in 1974. As they say, when America sneezes, Israel (and other allies) catch a cold, if not the flu. This comes as IDF intelligence reports say a growing army of at least 10,000 Shiite Iraqis, under Iranian control, are massed along Syria’s eastern border with Iraq, awaiting orders to rapidly take over land currently under American and Kurdish control. As PM Netanyahu warned his people this week, all out war appears to be on the horizon. This is exactly what I felt the Lord was showing me earlier this month as I sought prayer points for the new year. Stay tuned as you fervently pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the people of the holy city and land.
  1/16/2019 • Jerusalem
  The prospect of imminent war between Israel and Iran and its regional allies--possibly leading to a frightening US-Russia military clash, if not World War Three--increased sharply today when a senior Iranian official rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand, issued Tuesday morning, that the oppressive clerical regime immediately pull its forces out of neighboring Syria. Speaking at a swearing in ceremony for the new IDF Chief of Staff, Lt Gen Aviv Kohavi, the veteran Israeli PM spoke directly to Iran’s radical Shiite Muslim leaders, saying “I am telling you, get out of there fast” or face the wrath of the IDF. He added that “we won’t stop attacking” Iran’s forces operating in many parts of the devastated Arab country, including near the Golan Heights. This came after Netanyahu confirmed publicly for the first time on Sunday that Israel has indeed carried out many attacks on Iranian forces there over the past few years. In an equally ominous response issued today, Iranian “Revolutionary Forces” leader Ali Jafari called Netanyahu’s warning “a joke” before adding that “The Islamic Republic of Iran will keep its military advisers, revolutionary forces and its weapons in Syria.” He added the ridiculous assertion that Israel has never successfully struck his forces operating in Syria since 2015. Indicating that a full conflict may break out at any time, he arrogantly maintained that Netanyahu “is playing with a lion’s tail” that will soon lead to a major conflict in the region: “You should be afraid of the day when our precision-guided missiles roar and fall on your head.” This came on the same day when ISIS proved that it is still active in northern Syria, killing four US soldiers and wounding others in a powerful suicide bomb blast. Some of the dead and wounded American soldiers were meeting with their Kurdish allies in the area when the attack occurred. As I write, embattled US President Donald Trump is holding an emergency meeting with his top security officials to discuss the deteriorating situation in the explosive Middle East. This comes as political chaos intensifies in both the USA and the UK. PRAY!!!
  1/14/2019 • Jerusalem
  Over the next few days and weeks, I will examine the growing prospect that ALL-OUT WARFARE will engulf the quaking Middle East, if not the entire world, sometime during this new year. But first, let’s take a quick step back to see how we came to this harrowing moment in history. Thirty years ago in 1989, the long and frightening East-West Cold War was finally coming to an end. The Berlin Wall was about to fall. The late George H.W. Bush had just been elected President of the United States (sworn in 30 years ago next Sunday). Retiring President Ronald Reagan had basically won the Cold War against the crumbling Soviet Union, which would totally collapse less than two years later. The Communist “Red Menace” was also loosening its grip over China and other places on earth. The World Wide Web was beginning to spread all over the globe (thus its name) as computer technology rapidly progressed.......WITH THE KREMLIN'S influence waning in the Middle East and elsewhere while America’s power increased, Israel felt more secure than ever before. Regional Arab countries (apart from war-torn Lebanon) were all relatively stable under mostly autocratic governments. The US-sponsored peace treaty between Israel and the largest and most influential Arab country, Egypt, was holding a decade after it was signed in 1979. However the first Palestinian “uprising” against Israel was still raging, backed by Iraq, Iran and other regional Muslim powers. Despite this, there was much speculation that the violent revolt would eventually prove to be the FINAL attempt by the Palestinians to destroy the world’s only Jewish State, which dramatically increased after Saddam Hussein was routed by an American-led military coalition in early 1991. The “hip” and internationally popular Bill Clinton and Al Gore were elected to lead the USA in 1992. An American negotiated peace treaty was signed by PLO leader Yasser Arafat and Israel just over two years later, closely followed by another treaty between Jordan and Israel in 1994. Regional peace seemed to be on the horizon........HOWEVER THERE WAS ONE MAJOR FLY in the optimistic ointment. The Shiite Muslim state of Iran, taken over by Ayatollah Khomeini and his Muslim fundamentalist cronies in 1979, was continuing to spread its nefarious influence in the region, especially in Lebanon where it had set up the Shiite Hezbollah militia in 1982. Mainly to counter this growing threat, Israeli military forces would remain in Lebanon until the new millennium began in 2000. As Clinton's two terms in office were drawing to an end late that year, a second Palestinian uprising broke out on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, leading to the near collapse of the President's Oslo peace accord. The following year, the world’s dominant power, now led by George W. Bush, would suffer its worst attack since Pearl Harbor as its leading symbol of international economic power, the twin World Trade Towers, came crashing down in New York. This would ignite several regional wars and revolutions that continue to this day........NEVERTHELESS by ten years ago, Washington and it’s many allies seemed to be prevailing as US voters elected their first ever leader with partial Muslim roots, Barack Hussein Obama (sworn into office exactly ten years ago next Sunday). With his initial open encouragement, the Middle East would be plunged into unprecedented chaos and violence as the so-called “Arab Spring” rumbled through the region.......TODAY,the great superpower and many of its traditional allies like the UK, France and Germany, are engrossed in domestic political turmoil as the Cold War returns with Russia and China. With mainly Russian backing, supported by ever strengthening China, North Korea and others, Iran and its allies are vowing to imminently destroy Israel. Saudi Arabia has become an international pariah, while Syria, Yemen, Libya and Lebanon are a total mess. Iraq is increasingly under Iranian sway. Turkey has reverted to fundamentalist Islam and is threatening to invade northeastern Syria while the United States continues the regional retreat initiated by Obama. As Russia and China spread their tentacles in the region, America’s highly controversial new leader, Donald Trump, continues Obama’s isolationist policies by announcing military withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan. Meanwhile rockets are fired at Israeli civilian centers from the Iranian-backed Gaza Strip Hamas stronghold on a regular basis as Hezbollah and Iran prepare to do the same from the north and east.......WITH THE roiling Middle East teetering on the edge of the abyss, I will write more in the coming days about the current extremely ominous situation and what may lie just ahead.
  1/10/2019 • Jerusalem
  As every January, I have been seeking the Lord in prayer for any Word He might have concerning the new year we’ve just begun. I’ve sensed Him telling me that “the party is almost over” for America, and indeed for all of the globe, as a new World War breaks out during 2019. The USA is now embroiled in a southern border security fight (the barrier built by Israel along its unofficial border with the largely Palestinian “West Bank” was also opposed by many in Israel when first proposed, but has proven to be a very effective way of keeping out terrorist murderers and illegal drugs, as President Trump has pointed out) leading to the ongoing partial government shutdown and constant childish bickering by America’s selfish and irresponsible elected officials. By the way, I have long proposed that MOST of the immensely bloated and expensive federal government should be shut down for good. Everything except the presidency, national defense, the treasury and a couple other things should be done exclusively at the STATE level, which was the original intention of the nation’s founders I believe. Why have a national health and welfare department, for instance, when the 50 states already duplicate that, as they should do? The “party” will truly be over when the massive interest payments on the huge, highly irresponsible federal debt can no longer be sustained, as is almost the case today, causing a permanent shutdown of most government agencies as the US dollar and economy collapse…..Meanwhile the roiling Middle East is teetering on the brink of a powerful explosion that will rock the world, probably this year. Turkish Muslim strongman Erdogan is preparing to launch a major military campaign any day in northern Syria that is strongly opposed by Washington and its allies, Iran is preparing to launch the first of three space satellites that will take us several steps closer to all out regional war while continuing to build militia forces in Syria to carry on the jihad against “the Zionist enemy” even if its military personal eventually leave the war torn Arab country, Hezbollah and Hamas are beefing up their rocket and missile stockpiles as they ready to back Iran in the coming full-scale military showdown, ad nauseam. During this decade, Syria’s deadly and destructive “civil war” has drawn in most world powers including the US, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Iran, the Arab gulf states, France, the UK, and more recently even China--eerily similar to what occurred in the Spanish “civil war” in the years before the world’s worst ever conflict (until now) began in 1939. I will be writing more on all of this in the coming days on this web site, and reporting as usual on the latest developments in Israel and the region on the Prophecy Today Weekend radio program this Saturday, which can be heard live around the world via their website at 1:15 PM EST (18:15 GMT) or anytime by podcast after that. Keep praying while looking up---the End of the Age is almost upon us!
  ISAIAH 53 & 17
  12/27/2018 • Jerusalem
  For the first time in 45 years, a Syrian Russian-supplied missile has been deliberately fired into the Jewish state of Israel, and on Christmas Day, bringing us one major step forward to the fulfillment of Is 17. I will be reporting and commenting on this in detail on the Prophecy Today radio-internet program broadcast live every weekend on Shabbat, later known as Saturn Day. Take out the N and you get the gist.
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