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• 8/27/2019

ISRAEL IS TODAY ON FULL WAR ALERT after nearly a week of escalating actions that began on Thursday night, August 22, when the IDF said it electronically prevented an armed drone attack in the process of being launched by Lebanese Hezbollah forces operating under Iranian command south of the Syrian capital city, Damascus. Two nights later, the Shiite squad attempted to launch the explosive drones at Israel much closer to the Golan Heights border. This time, Israeli warplanes bombed the attackers, killing two senior Hezbollah commanders in the process

..HOURS LATER, two Israeli drones appeared in the skies above Beirut. Hovering low over a parking lot, one was said to have been brought down by rocks thrown at it by nearby Hezbollah militiamen. The second drone rammed into a nearby Hezbollah media building, partially destroying it. Late reports say the drones were on a mission to attack trucks carrying Iranian-produced machinery designed to help the radical militia transform its regular rockets and missiles into GPS precision-guided weapons

.ON SUNDAY, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah declared his forces will soon launch a counterattack upon Israel, while Lebanon’s President Aoun---under Nasrallah’s sway--later said the IDF drones were “an act of war” that would not go unpunished. In response, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that all of Lebanon, and not just Hezbollah forces operating in the small country, would “pay a heavy price” for any attacks upon his country. IDF forces are now on full war footing, with all patrols being halted near the tense Lebanon-Israel border to protect the troops from attack. Portable bomb shelters are also being rushed to the area

.MEANWHILE IRAN”S main proxy force in Gaza, Islamic Jihad, has been firing rockets once again into southern Israel. As a result, IDF forces are also being reinforced in the area. In Tehran, Iran’s leaders continue to issue threats against Israel and America. President Rouhani said on Tuesday he would not negotiate a new nuclear deal with Donald Trump unless all US sanctions were immediately lifted, adding that the Americans needed to “bow in respect” before Iran’s demented, dictatorial rulers. Of course, that is not going to happen

.SO A FULL ON REGIONAL MILITARY CONFLICT now appears to be hovering on the horizon. As I wrote on this website last Spring, I suspect such an explosive conflagration will probably feature the fulfillment of several endtime biblical prophecies, especially Isaiah 17 (the destruction of Damascus and weakening of Israel), followed by Psalm 83, and ultimately the things detailed in the Apostle John’s Book of Revelation. Of course, a more limited war could take place first---only the Sovereign Lord knows for sure. I will be posting frequent updates on the turbulent situation in the coming days and weeks, especially if the quaking Middle East does indeed erupt in all out war.

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