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• 3/17/2020

"Vengeance is Mine, and retribution. In due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near, and the impending things are hastening upon them." (Duet 32:35) .....THE LORD BEGAN TO SPEAK TO ME in September, 2017 that I should begin to prepare for massive upheaval ahead. As I wrote at that time on this website, I sensed the Holy Spirit was showing me that something extremely bad would come out of Asia which would lead to a massive disruption of life as we knew it in America and elsewhere, resulting in economic and social upheaval and ultimately manifold deaths. The chaos and fear would later open the door to the final end-time ruler first written about by the ancient Jewish prophet Daniel, and later by the Apostles John and Paul.

.AT THE TIME, the stout North Korean dictator that I jovially label “Kim Ill Sicko” was threatening to launch a missile attack upon the USA (he still is), so I assumed that would be the source of the massive upheaval I was sensing lay up ahead. In subsequent prayer, I felt that whatever was coming was still some time off. Nevertheless, I began to buy extra long-term items whenever I went to the grocery store, taking advantage of sale items when I could. .....WHILE PRAYING IN BED ONE EARLY MORNING, I had a vivid picture of the number 17, as I noted at the time in some messages to a few friends, and also posted here on my website. However it was not just the number 17 that I saw, but 17 with a “th” after other words, it was a date--17th. Recently I learned that the first known case of the new virus that would later be labeled “Covid-19” was identified in Hunan province in China on November 17th, 2019. .....ALTHOUGH A LITTLE NERVOUS doing so, I carried on with plans to vacation in Hawaii in January 2018, where I had often stopped while en route to speaking engagements in southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. As some may recall, my first Shabbat there, January 13th, was quite jarring! Along with everyone else living or vacationing on the verdant islands, I woke up to read an emergency notice from the state of Hawaii on my cellphone, warning that a North Korean missile had just been launched and was heading toward Honolulu where I was staying!!! After reading the startling message---a real “wake up call” for sure---I calmly got dressed and went up to the hotel roof public area to quietly pray while gazing at the beautiful Pacific ocean---waiting for the new Pearl Harbor that would change the world and instantly usher me into the Presence of the Lord. .....HOWEVER THE REPORTED MISSILE thankfully never arrived in the beautiful city of Honolulu. As I wrote at the time, I was later told by some military friends based at Pearl Harbor that an actual missile had indeed been launched, but successfully intercepted and destroyed by American anti-missile defense systems stationed in Alaska. I returned home safely after cutting my vacation short (all the Asian tourists were subsequently constantly wearing masks, even at the beach, which sort of took the fun out of the trip, but in hindsight was prescient!). Back home, I carried on with extra purchases of long-term food and pharmacy items throughout 2018 and 2019. Frankly, I also purchased a rifle from a friend who needed some extra cash due to a cancer diagnosis---to hunt deer of course .....LATE LAST YEAR, I felt the Lord showing me that the time of upheaval was nearing, and again that it would originate in Asia. So I continued to quietly prepare for the future. As I earlier wrote on my website, I suspected it would probably begin with a North Korean and/or Chinese cyber and/or EMP attack on America’s vital, and woefully under-protected, power grid. I noted this had the potential to kill tens of millions of Americans in a relatively short period of time as hospitals, food and fuel supply chains, and many other things, broke down. Social upheaval would undoubtedly follow as millions were killed in violent attacks, spreading diseases and later widespread starvation, as veteran journalist Ted Koppel detailed in his excellent, if chilling book, LIGHTS OUT, published in 2015. .....IN FACT, the “wild ride” 2020 upheaval that I forecast on my Facebook page in early January this year is actually beginning (and this is JUST the beginning) with a highly contagious new virus from Asia, not a cyber or EMP attack---although I anticipate that may also come in the not too distant future. America’s many enemies will surely try to take every advantage of the chaos that is not only coming, but already here, in any way they can. The crisis is actually worse than I pictured in that it is not just directed at America, but is developing simultaneously all over the globe, and especially at present in countries closely allied with the United States like Israel, Italy, France, Canada, the UK, etc. ......AS I OFTEN STRESS, I am certain that nothing happens in our world apart from the foreknowledge and allowance at least of our Heavenly Father. So why would He permit this often deadly virus to spread, knowing He has many devoted followers in these countries? In prayer a couple years ago, I asked why He would allow so many people to perish, and felt the reply was that He would begin to avenge the blood of the innocents, especially the millions of unborn babies prematurely and deliberately ripped out of their mother’s wombs---often just for the sake of “convenience.” .....THEREFORE, I find it quite notable that the new Covid-19 Coronavirus mostly leaves the very young alone, or at least not very ill, while the older generations that largely approved of, if not personally practiced and advocated abortion for any reason in previous decades are being hit hard by the often deadly disease. I will elaborate further on where this all may lead in future postings in the coming days. May our Gracious God have mercy on us all!!

DAVID DOLAN is an author and journalist who lived and worked in Israel for over three decades, beginning in 1980.

  • HOLY WAR FOR THE PROMISED LAND (Broadman & Holman), his latest book, is an overview of the history of the Israel and of the bitter Arab-Israeli conflict that rages there, plus some autobiographical details about the author’s experiences living in the land since 1980. It especially examines the important role that militant Islam plays in the conflict.
  • ISRAEL IN CRISIS: WHAT LIES AHEAD? (Baker/Revell), which examines the political and biblical prospects for a regional attack upon Israel, settlement in the disputed territories, and related topics, is also available for purchase, along with an updated edition of his popular end-time novel, THE END OF DAYS (21st Century Press).

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