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  November 2003 Israel News Review
  11/19/2003 • Jerusalem
  Below is my monthly news review and analysis for November 2003, written for the British and American branches of CFI. It focuses on the spurt of terror attacks around the region this month, as the coalition death toll escalates in Iraq.
  Democracy in Iraq?
  11/14/2003 • Jerusalem
  I remain entirely puzzled why American, British and some other Western leaders have been maintaining that a functioning democracy is likely to take hold in Iraq in the coming months or years. It has seemed to me since well before the US-led military operation got underway last March that setting this as a goal is almost certain to invite ultimate failure.
  The Mouse that Roared
  11/3/2003 • WorldNetDaily
  This commentary for World Net Daily eximines the situation in Iraq, and the need for the United States to confront militant Islam around the globe.
  October 2003 Israel News Review
  10/27/2003 • Jerusalem
  Below is my monthly Israel news and analysis report for October, 2003. It focuses this month on the strategic Israeli air strike on Syrian territory in early October, and the possibility that this could spark a major military clash between the two neighbors.
  Signs and Wonders
  10/17/2003 • WorldNetDaily
  It was apparent this week that miraculous signs and wonders are still occurring all around the divinely chosen Children of Israel. As they commemorated their ancient ancestorís desert dwellings in booths, the Israeli public was amazed to hear George Bush sternly rebuke the Palestinian Authority for its utter failure to even attempt to curb terrorist groups that have been slaughtering innocent men, women and children with evil abandon.
  Syria Next Target?
  10/12/2003 • Jerusalem
  Unsubstantiated media and internet reports say that American air power is being significantly beefed up in the region. Some say this is part of preparations for pending US military action against Syria, as the White House weighs possible responses to escalating attacks against US forces in neighboring Iraq.
  Vale of Tears
  9/11/2003 • Jerusalem
  On this second anniversary of the twin terror attacks in the United States, the Israeli public continues to mourn the loss of 15 precious lives in double suicide blasts on Tuesday near Tel Aviv and here in Jerusalem...
  Set The Prisoner Free!
  8/15/2003 • WorldNetDaily
  This commentary for World Net Daily focuses on a Canadian friend of mine who was arrested at Beirut ariport in July and charged with spying for Israel. He was released just a few weeks after this appeared on the popular WND site.
  July 2003 Israel News Review
  7/28/2003 • Jerusalem
  The July news review focuses on the temporary ceasefire enacted by several Palestinian groups, and the resulting drop in terror attacks. It predicted that attacks would probably soon resume, which indeed occurred one month later.
  June 2003 Israel News Review
  6/23/2003 • Jerusalem
  The June news review looks at the Road Map peace plan, which seemed to be leading in the direction of more violence during the month, not toward the touted "enduring peace" that its advocates projected.
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