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  1/14/2019 • Jerusalem
  Over the next few days and weeks, I will examine the growing prospect that ALL-OUT WARFARE will engulf the quaking Middle East, if not the entire world, sometime during this new year. But first, let’s take a quick step back to see how we came to this harrowing moment in history. Thirty years ago in 1989, the long and frightening East-West Cold War was finally coming to an end. The Berlin Wall was about to fall. The late George H.W. Bush had just been elected President of the United States (sworn in 30 years ago next Sunday). Retiring President Ronald Reagan had basically won the Cold War against the crumbling Soviet Union, which would totally collapse less than two years later. The Communist “Red Menace” was also loosening its grip over China and other places on earth. The World Wide Web was beginning to spread all over the globe (thus its name) as computer technology rapidly progressed.......WITH THE KREMLIN'S influence waning in the Middle East and elsewhere while America’s power increased, Israel felt more secure than ever before. Regional Arab countries (apart from war-torn Lebanon) were all relatively stable under mostly autocratic governments. The US-sponsored peace treaty between Israel and the largest and most influential Arab country, Egypt, was holding a decade after it was signed in 1979. However the first Palestinian “uprising” against Israel was still raging, backed by Iraq, Iran and other regional Muslim powers. Despite this, there was much speculation that the violent revolt would eventually prove to be the FINAL attempt by the Palestinians to destroy the world’s only Jewish State, which dramatically increased after Saddam Hussein was routed by an American-led military coalition in early 1991. The “hip” and internationally popular Bill Clinton and Al Gore were elected to lead the USA in 1992. An American negotiated peace treaty was signed by PLO leader Yasser Arafat and Israel just over two years later, closely followed by another treaty between Jordan and Israel in 1994. Regional peace seemed to be on the horizon........HOWEVER THERE WAS ONE MAJOR FLY in the optimistic ointment. The Shiite Muslim state of Iran, taken over by Ayatollah Khomeini and his Muslim fundamentalist cronies in 1979, was continuing to spread its nefarious influence in the region, especially in Lebanon where it had set up the Shiite Hezbollah militia in 1982. Mainly to counter this growing threat, Israeli military forces would remain in Lebanon until the new millennium began in 2000. As Clinton's two terms in office were drawing to an end late that year, a second Palestinian uprising broke out on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, leading to the near collapse of the President's Oslo peace accord. The following year, the world’s dominant power, now led by George W. Bush, would suffer its worst attack since Pearl Harbor as its leading symbol of international economic power, the twin World Trade Towers, came crashing down in New York. This would ignite several regional wars and revolutions that continue to this day........NEVERTHELESS by ten years ago, Washington and it’s many allies seemed to be prevailing as US voters elected their first ever leader with partial Muslim roots, Barack Hussein Obama (sworn into office exactly ten years ago next Sunday). With his initial open encouragement, the Middle East would be plunged into unprecedented chaos and violence as the so-called “Arab Spring” rumbled through the region.......TODAY,the great superpower and many of its traditional allies like the UK, France and Germany, are engrossed in domestic political turmoil as the Cold War returns with Russia and China. With mainly Russian backing, supported by ever strengthening China, North Korea and others, Iran and its allies are vowing to imminently destroy Israel. Saudi Arabia has become an international pariah, while Syria, Yemen, Libya and Lebanon are a total mess. Iraq is increasingly under Iranian sway. Turkey has reverted to fundamentalist Islam and is threatening to invade northeastern Syria while the United States continues the regional retreat initiated by Obama. As Russia and China spread their tentacles in the region, America’s highly controversial new leader, Donald Trump, continues Obama’s isolationist policies by announcing military withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan. Meanwhile rockets are fired at Israeli civilian centers from the Iranian-backed Gaza Strip Hamas stronghold on a regular basis as Hezbollah and Iran prepare to do the same from the north and east.......WITH THE roiling Middle East teetering on the edge of the abyss, I will write more in the coming days about the current extremely ominous situation and what may lie just ahead.
  1/10/2019 • Jerusalem
  As every January, I have been seeking the Lord in prayer for any Word He might have concerning the new year we’ve just begun. I’ve sensed Him telling me that “the party is almost over” for America, and indeed for all of the globe, as a new World War breaks out during 2019. The USA is now embroiled in a southern border security fight (the barrier built by Israel along its unofficial border with the largely Palestinian “West Bank” was also opposed by many in Israel when first proposed, but has proven to be a very effective way of keeping out terrorist murderers and illegal drugs, as President Trump has pointed out) leading to the ongoing partial government shutdown and constant childish bickering by America’s selfish and irresponsible elected officials. By the way, I have long proposed that MOST of the immensely bloated and expensive federal government should be shut down for good. Everything except the presidency, national defense, the treasury and a couple other things should be done exclusively at the STATE level, which was the original intention of the nation’s founders I believe. Why have a national health and welfare department, for instance, when the 50 states already duplicate that, as they should do? The “party” will truly be over when the massive interest payments on the huge, highly irresponsible federal debt can no longer be sustained, as is almost the case today, causing a permanent shutdown of most government agencies as the US dollar and economy collapse…..Meanwhile the roiling Middle East is teetering on the brink of a powerful explosion that will rock the world, probably this year. Turkish Muslim strongman Erdogan is preparing to launch a major military campaign any day in northern Syria that is strongly opposed by Washington and its allies, Iran is preparing to launch the first of three space satellites that will take us several steps closer to all out regional war while continuing to build militia forces in Syria to carry on the jihad against “the Zionist enemy” even if its military personal eventually leave the war torn Arab country, Hezbollah and Hamas are beefing up their rocket and missile stockpiles as they ready to back Iran in the coming full-scale military showdown, ad nauseam. During this decade, Syria’s deadly and destructive “civil war” has drawn in most world powers including the US, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Iran, the Arab gulf states, France, the UK, and more recently even China--eerily similar to what occurred in the Spanish “civil war” in the years before the world’s worst ever conflict (until now) began in 1939. I will be writing more on all of this in the coming days on this web site, and reporting as usual on the latest developments in Israel and the region on the Prophecy Today Weekend radio program this Saturday, which can be heard live around the world via their website at 1:15 PM EST (18:15 GMT) or anytime by podcast after that. Keep praying while looking up---the End of the Age is almost upon us!
  ISAIAH 53 & 17
  12/27/2018 • Jerusalem
  For the first time in 45 years, a Syrian Russian-supplied missile has been deliberately fired into the Jewish state of Israel, and on Christmas Day, bringing us one major step forward to the fulfillment of Is 17. I will be reporting and commenting on this in detail on the Prophecy Today radio-internet program broadcast live every weekend on Shabbat, later known as Saturn Day. Take out the N and you get the gist.
  12/17/2018 • Jerusalem
  The usually reliable Debka news site is reporting sudden and ominous military movements of Iranian-backed Shiite Hezbollah forces away from Lebanon’s tense southern border with Israel, where I lived and worked in the early 1980s. The report says the widespread movement, including militia troops, spotters and other forces, probably signals that the heavily armed terrorist group expects military action in the coming hours or days with Israel, which announced the uncovering of a fourth Hezbollah infiltration tunnel running deep underneath the international border. Up to six others may also exist says Debka and other sources. Hezbollah’s military communications network has also been silenced, says the report. The prospect of a major military clash looming on the Mideast horizon is buttressed by a continuing IDF buildup along the northern border, including the Golan Heights where the Lebanese militia operates from inside adjacent Syrian territory. Meanwhile the clerical Saudi government strongly condemned the American Senate’s vote late last week to end all funding for the Saudi-backed Sunni Arab attempt to beat back Iranian-supported Shiite Houthi rebels who have been warring against Yemen’s Sunni government for several years now, while also firing missiles at the Saudi capital city and other targets in the oil rich kingdom….. I suspect the Senate vote has set the stage for a future break in US-Saudi relations that will throw the Muslim kingdom into Russia’s waiting hands while severing its quiet alliance in recent years with Israel. In Psalm 83, Saudi Arabia (Edom and the Ishmaelites) is listed prominently as a partner in a conspiracy to “wipe Israel out as a nation” along with other regional Sunni Arab partners from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and “Philistia”--a probable reference to today’s Palestinians, who inherited that name from the ancient seafaring people who inhabited Caanan’s coastal areas. As I wrote in my 2001 book ISRAEL IN CRISIS (which I just re-read last week) I expect this conflict will follow a major war between Israel and Syria that leaves Damascus completely destroyed, as prophesied in Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49. Syria is not mentioned as being part of the Psalm 83 jihad axis, nor is Iran (Persia) which may also be left devastated in the wake of any pending military action in the trembling region. Israel is said to be greatly weakened as a result of its apparent conflict with Syria, but not destroyed. KEEP WATCHING AND PRAYING!!
  PSALM 83
  12/13/2018 • From Jerusalem
  Today's US Senate vote against longtime US ally Saudi Arabia brings us one important step closer to the ultimate fulfillment of the Psalm 83 anti-Israel alliance that includes the oil rich Arab country. Check back for more on this soon.
  12/5/2018 • Jerusalem
  The only time I was old enough to vote in a US presidential election before moving to Israel was in 1980, when I cast my ballot for Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Two weeks later, I was in the Promised Land. Over ten years on, I was still in the Lord’s Land where I would report for CBS News on the Gulf War, led by now President Bush. I covered his 1998 visit to Jerusalem as a former Commander in Chief, where he came to mark Israel's jubilee year. My grandfather and his oldest son, a high ranking US army officer during and after World War Two, were both named George, so like the Bush family that name has been prominent in our Dolan family (for over a century). My dad and his six siblings lost their youngest brother to leukimia at the age of three, similar to the Bush’s loss of their daughter Robin. So today’s funeral service at the National Cathedral brought back many memories to me. I was pleased to see that the national day of mourning proclaimed by our current leader for today felt more in the end like a day of celebrating a life well lived, as was the case at my grandfather’s 1974 funeral and later ones for both my Uncle George and my dad, who served in North Africa and Italy during the war....Meanwhile the Middle East is yet once again on a knife’s edge, as Israel expands its new “Northern Shield” operation against Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist tunnels that were constructed in secret over the past few years in preparation for apparent cross border raids being planned by the Iranian-backed terror group. The operation will probably expand to the threatened IDF strikes on Hezbollah positions in Beirut, where Iran is feverishly helping its proxy force upgrade its rockets and missiles with GPS systems, turning them into precision guided weapons that can accurately strike targets from hundreds of miles away. Late reports say the rogue militia has now been placed on a full war footing in anticipation of more action ahead. This comes after Israel launched a three wave missile assault last Thursday evening on Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah positions in at least five locations, including at Damascus airport. This news has been downplayed by Israeli officials, but the border region and indeed all of Israel remain on full military alert as the week long Hanukkah celebration of God’s miraculous intervention against ancient Israel’s Greco-Syrian enemies continues. May the Good Lord help all of us and our leaders in these critical days.
  11/19/2018 • Jerusalem
  The Middle East remains on the brink of major conflict, as American and allied forces work night and day to keep Iranian and jihadist Shiite Iraqi forces from penetrating eastern Syria while stepping up efforts to expel Iranian forces already in the area. More intensive action lies just ahead I suspect. At the same time, Prime Minister Netanyahu and several other cabinet ministers have stated in recent days that a major operation to oust the Hamas terror group from the Gaza Strip is pending. Meanwhile I have begun work on a new book, my fifth one, this time an autobiography. Although it will detail my early years, it will mostly focus on my over three decades living and working in Israel, the Promised Land, as a journalist for CBS, CBN and other media outlets. Sadly, it will also include some difficult "me too" information involving my late uncle, my late mother's only sibling who was a Catholic priest in Oregon, David Hazen, after whom I was named. Typically, my parents were not informed about his long record of abuse, which would have protected myself and another brother from suffering similar abuse from him as well. He was the focus of many sexual abuse cases that were shamefully--if typically--buried by the Church of Rome. By the way, if you want to really check me out, don't do research about my late uncle, but about my late/great earthly father, who among many other wonderful things gave a very generous founding donation (land worth over $1 million) to the Law Library at Gonzaga (Go Zags) in Sopkalou (loo?) More details in my new book. Meantime I am expecting more dramatic action in the Muddled Middle East...but also remembering that the God of Heaven, the Maker of us all, is still very much in Control!! Very GOOD NEWS indeed? INDEED!!!
  11/9/2018 • Jerusalem
  Exactly 100 years after the end of the world's first global war, which left some 40 million soldiers and civilians dead, another international conflagration appears to be looming on the darkening horizon. Instead of centering in Europe, this time it is the turbulent Middle East that is ground zero--as prophesied by the ancient Jewish prophets, including Zechariah and Yochanan (John) in the book of Revelation. Few noticed the Pentagon's announcement last Sunday (detailed in the Air Force Times on Tuesday) that a US air "combat surge" took place over Syria during a three day period last week. It featured the Navy's F-22 Raptors, which "deterred 587 enemy aircraft" during the operation, some of them Russian warplanes. Syrian ground forces shot at the stealth fighters, but none were hit. Israeli military analysts say the Trump administration is preparing to reopen Syrian air space to Israeli combats jets seeking to weaken Iran's growing military presence in Syria. This indicates that a direct US-Russian clash is possibly imminent, meaning fighting could quickly spread to other regions on earth, including the Baltic states, Ukraine and surrounding areas, and possibly also to the Far East. Direct attacks upon the United States (cyber, EMP, terror, missile) are likely in such a conflict, both by terrorist supporters of Iran and Syria, and possibly by Russian, North Korean and other forces as well. China could easily get involved. The US, Israel and their Arab allies will be supported by most NATO member states, especially the UK and France (the Israeli Air Force just completed war drills with their Greek counterparts, and earlier in other EU countries). Egypt announced this week that it will actively back its Sunni Arab cousins on the Arabian peninsula if the region explodes in war. As WWI was ending in November 1918, a flu pandemic was beginning that would take another 50 million or so lives all over the planet (my late father was born during it, as was his best friend whose father perished in the scourge). So with the stage apparently set for another worldwide conflict, we can only cry out to our Sovereign Maker for His divine guidance and protection in the dark days ahead. The silver lining is that His light shines brightest when darkness covers the earth!
  10/31/2018 • Jerusalem
  Some of my trusted Middle East military sources are telling me that a major/massive military conflict appears to be imminent in the explosive region at the center of the world. They say that the demented Shia Muslim mullahs who continue to suppress and lord over the mostly peace loving people of Iran are preparing to launch a full on “Islamic Jihad” offensive against Israel in the coming days or weeks. They intend to complete the Iranian-Aryan determination to fulfill ancient Persia’s documented goal of eliminating the Jewish people from the God of Israel’s verdant green earth (Esther-Hadassah). The Axis of Evil regional masters, who are clearly and arrogantly following Hitler’s deranged holocaust steps while crushing the once great nation of Iran, are taking further steps to choke off vital oil supplies to the world from the (Persian? Arab??) Gulf as they lash out at Israel and America (Great and Little) and their allies in a self perceived “holy war” to bring Halloween permanently to people everywhere...a very bad choice indeed that we will all have to deal with it, as our forefathers had to do with Adolf and Company. As always, the Immortal and Eternal God of Israel (Adonai Tzevaot) will demonstrate that He is both God and a firm Support and Shield for His beloved people everywhere, especially those called back to His chosen land. The final conflicts (foretold in the Bible) will be unlike any other conflagrations before. If my sources are correct, they are seemingly about to unfold, although the Lord of Heaven of course has the final say. As American pundit Will Rogers said in 1929, “You can’t say civilizations don’t every war they kill you in a new way.” No human being has ever seen wars like the ones that are currently arising on the eastern horizon. Get right with your Maker is my humble advice.
  10/27/2018 • Jerusalem
  As I do nearly every morning, I switched on Fox News on my small bathroom TV this morning as I prepared myself for the day ahead. “Oye!” I shouted out as the headline revealed yet another mass casualty shooting was underway in America, this time in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. My immediate horror was quickly deepened when I learned the atrocity was taking place at the Etz Ha’im” (Tree of Life) synagogue. I spoke there to a large crowd in the mid 1990’s as a guest of the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh, eager to hear my comments on the nascent Oslo Peace accords between the PLO and Israel and the growing radical Muslim threat against it and the Jewish state. I am sadly assuming that at least a few people who heard me then were at the synagogue this morning when the deadly anti-Semitic attack took place. My prayers are going up for them and for all directly affected by the cowardly terrorist attack. A similar anti-Semitic shooting attack took place in April 1997 at a Messianic synagogue in Dallas just one week after I spoke there to a packed congregation. Thankfully the 48 year old neo-Nazi, who shouted out "Die Jews die!" when the attack began, was thrown back by the force of his own semi automatic rifle, sending his bullets harmlessly into the ceiling. Several years ago, friends in Las Vegas, where I had a four hour airport layover, took me to a fabulous buffet lunch at the Mandalay hotel, from where the horrible mass shooting occurred in early October last year. I was in the same airport terminal in Ft. Lauderdale that was attacked by another gunman in early January last year, just a couple weeks before the shooting occurred. While on speaking tours in South Florida over the years, I passed by the high school many times in the same city where 17 people--mostly students--were slaughtered early this year. While heading to a large Messianic conference in Orlando earlier this decade, I drove by the Pulse nightclub that was later attacked in June 2016, leaving 49 dead. Of course, during my 35 years as a reporter in Israel, I had the gruesome task of rushing to the scene of many mass casualty terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and elsewhere, one of them just a couple blocks from my home, which left eight Israelis dead. Despite this awful reality, I still feel that Israel is safer, and definitely saner, than America and many other places in this increasingly violent world. I have shared this opinion many times over the years while speaking to my American Jewish friends, urging them to consider a move to the world’s only Jewish state. On days like these it is especially good to know that the Prince of Peace, Yeshua, is coming again to restore true shalom to this crumbling world!
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