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Jerusalem • 2/7/2019

In stark contrast to Barack H. Obama, Israeli government and military leaders---facing the growing prospect of imminent war with Iran and its regional proxy forces---were heartened to hear President Trump once again single out Iran as the greatest threat to Middle East stability during his annual State of the Union speech. More importantly, he said Tehran’s nefarious activities would not go unchecked. However they were not happy to hear that he thought this could be accomplished by simply “keeping an eye” on the maniacal mullahs that violently seized power in Iran 40 years ago. . . . . . .IN ADDITION, Israeli leaders were once again dismayed by the Commander in Chief’s latest contention that “ISIS has been decimated” in Syria and Iraq, and therefore US forces operating in the war-shattered Arab country could “come home.” Most Israeli government and military officials believe a visible American presence in Syria, however large or small, is vital to rebuff both ISIS and Iranian ambitions in Syria and the region. They well recall that it was Obama’s premature scaleback of US forces in Iraq---whatever one thought about the wisdom of going there in the first place---that led to the frightening formation and aggressive actions by the latest Al Qaeda incarnation. . . . . . . . ON MONDAY, THE PENTAGON issued a report saying the radical Sunni Muslim group “remains a potent force of battle-hardened and well disciplined fighters” who would “likely resurge in Syria” if US military pressure is reduced against them. Media reports say at least 30,000 hardened jihad fighters have gone underground in the area. On Tuesday, the American commander in charge of Mideast operations, Gen. Joseph Votel, told Congress that ISIS could retake land it has lost “within six to twelve months” of a US troop pullout, which he confirmed was being planned under Trump’s orders. . . . . . . . .ISRAELI LEADERS NOTE that, similar to Obama, President Trump has no personal military experience. Indeed, he also has no prior political experience, which is apparently at least partly why he was elected. Obama had very little. Like his Democratic predecessor, the New York-born billionaire does not seem to grasp that Islamic extremism---both Sunni and Shiite---has been a powerful and growing force in the roiling region for several decades. Those like myself who have witnessed first hand these radical Muslim groups and countries mushroom in the Mideast and elsewhere for many years now, realize they can only be contained by visible and adequate American boots on the ground. While US forces are once again pared back, Vladimir Putin continues to step into the gaps formed by America’s premature pullbacks. Lord willing, I will be commenting on the prophetic implications of all of this in the coming days.

DAVID DOLAN is an author and journalist who lived and worked in Israel for over three decades, beginning in 1980.

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