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Jerusalem • 2/4/2019

IT IS HARDLY BREAKING NEWS that the Iranian-backed Shiite Hezbollah militia has been active for over 35 years in Central and South America, with some cells reportedly operating in Mexico as well. CNN did a full report on the terror group’s growing Western Hemispheric activity---including terror attacks, drug smuggling and money raising--in 2013. Many other media and think tank reports have been published or broadcast before and after that. CNN quoted an Argentinian special prosecutor’s report which detailed how Iran used the nefarious Hezbollah group to carry out the deadliest terror attack in the country’s history --the 1994 bombing of the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires that slaughtered 85 people, most of them Jews. The attack was worse than any ever carried out in Israel. The CNN report, and many others like it, revealed that Iran and Hezbollah are operating in many Central and South American countries besides Argentina, including Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Columbia, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, and of course, in the tottering Communist Paradise of Venezuela--openly backed by Iran. . . . . . . . IT DOESN’T TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST to surmise that some of Iran’s Shiite Muslim agents and their Latin American supporters have gotten into the United States over the years via legal and illegal means. They are well documented to be active in smuggling deadly drugs into the USA. Undoubtedly, they have also spirited bombs---possibly including nuclear “backpacks” and other deadly weapons---into the sprawling country. That this constitutes a “real crisis” should be abundantly clear to all Americans. Yet for increasingly obvious political reasons, many Democratic party leaders seem to be ignorant of, if not oblivious to, this potentially apocalyptic situation. . . . . . . SPEAKING OF IGNORANCE, I conducted an informal survey of several, mostly older adults attending a smorgasbord Super Boring Bowl party on Sunday. While a majority were Canadians, some were expat Americans and a few from other countries. Most of them said they were totally unaware that the Middle East is apparently marching toward full blown war between Israel and Iran and their allies, if not World War Three. Included in my “survey” were a number of US and Canadian Jews. I really couldn’t blame anyone for not knowing what is going on, given that most North American media outlets are hardly reporting the momentous story, as several pointed out to me (I of course already knew this). I expect these Iranian-backed terror cells will “make themselves known” during the looming Mideast war, probably in disastrous ways. Lots of room for prayer!

DAVID DOLAN is an author and journalist who lived and worked in Israel for over three decades, beginning in 1980.

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