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Wednesday, June 29, 2022 


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Jerusalem • 1/25/2019

I hope to comment more on the latest dramatic Middle East news, and the possible biblical implications of it, in the coming days. But today, I want to share a few thoughts on the escalating cyber war connected to the growing conflict. Whether or not the coming all out war between Israel, Iran and their regional backers ends up spreading to actual warfare (i.e. World War Three) between the United States and close allies against Russia and its comrades---as I suspect it will given Vladimir Putin’s apparent determination to dominate the region and eventually the world, in unison with his Communist allies China and North Korea---unprecedented cyber warfare will surely take place. .......................MOST EXPERTS agree that the main focus by America’s many enemies will be to shut down vital power grids in the USA. As my journalist colleague Ted Koppel wrote in his eye opening, chilling book LIGHTS OUT several years ago, this could cripple the nation, if not entirely destroy it. Of course, the US, Israel, the UK and other allies have their own capabilities as well. I mentioned in a previous update that this web site was down for three days earlier this week, going off line within hours of Monday morning’s Iranian missile attack upon the Golan Heights. While talking to friends in Mexico yesterday, I learned that the country’s largest internet provider was hacked and shut down for over 24 hours Wednesday afternoon, massively affecting the country’s business, health and security systems. .............I MYSELF was among the many victims of four of the five largest hacks in the US this decade, including the Yahoo and Equifax attacks, prompting me to stop using my Yahoo mail and Facebook accounts and other things on the “Trojan Horse” world wide web. Indeed, it is a web that can trap you as well as assist you. If you are not concerned by the enormous power that Google and similar corporations are amassing all over the world, you are probably not paying attention. The basis for an oppressive world government that knows virtually everything about everyone, as prophesied in the Bible, is now clearly in place. Alexa is listening to you! ............MEANWHILE the world media seems to be paying very little attention to the rush to war in the Middle East, preoccupied by the government crisis and Mueller probe in America, BREXIT in the EU, and the growing turmoil in Argentina. It seems most people are basically unaware, and therefore unprepared, for the life altering news that appears to lie just ahead. Keep looking up as your prayers ascend to heaven!

DAVID DOLAN is an author and journalist who lived and worked in Israel for over three decades, beginning in 1980.

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