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Jerusalem • 1/23/2019

For the first time since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Syrian leaders are openly threatening to launch a ballistic missile attack upon one of Israel’s most vital sites, Ben Gurion airport, located close to its largest urban area in and around Tel Aviv. This comes as the vile Syrian Assad regime’s main backer, Russia, announced earlier today that it will no longer “tolerate” IDF “arbitrary attacks” on Iran’s growing military presence in Syria. This in turn followed a series of sharp verbal threats of full on war between Israeli and Iranian officials--actually the imminent annihilation of the detested “Zionist entity” on Iran’s part. ............................................................THE VERBAL BLASTS followed Sunday’s IDF strike against Iranian weapons depots near Damascus airport and elsewhere, which were quickly confirmed by IDF leaders. That was followed on Monday morning by the second, and most powerful, Iranian missile attack against Israeli military and civilian targets (the first was last November) when an Iranian Fatteh missile carrying a quarter ton of explosives was deliberately aimed at the Golan Heights---successfully intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome system as startled snow skiers on nearby Mount Hermon watched in astonishment. Even more ominously, Iranian General Qassem Sulimani, who controls Iran’s burgeoning forces in Syria and also in nearby Iraq, was reported to be at the site of the Iranian launch and gave the order for its firing in an apparent test of Israel’s ability to intercept it. The IDF said the missile had been set and ready to fire for some time. Last year, Russian dictator Putin promised Israel that the General--let alone his missiles--would not be allowed to come close to the Syria-Israel border, where he was when the missile was launched. Today, Putin praised Donald Trump’s pullout of “illegal” American military forces from northern and eastern Syria..............................SHRILL WARNINGS OF IMMINENT WAR were quickly issued by radical Iranian leaders after the Iron Dome interception. On Tuesday, the head of Iran’s Air Force boasted that Iran’s military forces are “prepared for a war that will bring the crushing destruction of Israel.” In response, Israeli PM Netanyahu issued a stark warning of his own: “Let our enemies who seek to destroy us know that Israel’s crushing fist will reach all those who seek our harm.” Later the same day, Syria’s UN Ambassador told the Security Council that if it did not “immediately act to halt” IDF operations inside his country, Syria would do so itself, and also attempt to retake the Golan Heights, captured by Israel after Egypt declared war against Israel in 1967, backed by Russia, Syria, Iraq and other Arab country.............................SO THE STAGE IS NOW CLEARLY SET for a massive war between Israel, backed by the US, many NATO members, and more quietly by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other pro-Western Arab countries, and Iran and its world and regional allies including Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, North Korea, and of course most importantly, Russia and probably Turkey. The biblical implications of the mushrooming Mideast showdown are enormous. The scene looks quite similar to the scenario I painted in my 1996 novel, THE END OF DAYS. Not surprisingly, this all comes as internal division and chaos are engulfing and preoccupying several of Israel’s closest allies, especially the United States, the UK, France and Germany. The growing earthly conflicts are certainly reflective of what is going on in the heavenlies, as World War Three and the rise of the endtime “Man of Sin” Antichrist apparently nears................I WILL BE WRITING much more about this in the coming days, Lord willing and internet connectivity allowing! Please feel free to reprint or pass on this report, and let your friends know that I will be writing more in the coming days. I no longer post on Facebook or elsewhere after being hacked and threatened...more on this later as well.

DAVID DOLAN is an author and journalist who lived and worked in Israel for over three decades, beginning in 1980.

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